AKC/UKC CH Ula Mauna Hot Lickity Lips










Fiona was purchased from,and loved by Deborah Brooks (Ula Mauna kennel). We want to thank her for sending us such a pretty, unique girl.

Our chubby puppy, as we call her, has a few quirks that make her quite unique. For one, remember as a kids we were always afraid of the troll under the bed. Well, Fiona is our resident troll. She is the only dog I have that does not want to sleep on the bed. Instead she prefers to sleep under the bed. So at night, if you happen to look under the bed at those glowing eyes, don't be alarmed. It's just Fiona. Another thing she likes to do is hoard. Out of all the dogs in the house and the amount of things that the dogs are given, she is the only one that collects every single treat, toy or miscellaneous item that she can get hold of, and hoards them in a corner in the bedroom. She is a character and very loved by the whole family.

She finally finished! After having a wonderful litter for Lisa Rhyner/Kathy Schwabe out of there wonderful dog George. She returned to the breed ring to finish that last point.








































CH Ula Mauna's Chief Shawnee






CH Phi-Vestavia Visvrsa Ulamauna






September 26, 2004






Breed Ranking 90th Percentile




DI Score:


(L) .29  (R) .47






Line Cleared Through US Registry






Normal (Tested April 2006)







WCC-DM21066F-PI (Carrier)





Pedigree and all test results are available upon request.









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