UKC CH Hedgerow's Midnight Madness AXP NFP PT RA AJP CGC











Max was our first Cardigan Welsh Corgi. It's because of him that we decided to raise and show Cardigans. He is a wonderful working dog, makes the perfect dashboard dog (honestly this isn’t' an endorsement for FORD motor company, but when we take him for a ride around town and run in the store for a quick thing or two, this dog fits perfectly on the dash board and he gets lots of ooooooo's and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh's) and he has taught us so much about the versatility of this breed.

Max was purchased from Beth Magnus (Hedgerow Cardigan Welsh Corgis) and was bought as a present for my son. It's a long story, but this amazing little dog has taught us so much about showing in confirmation, agility, herding, dressing up for parades, and he teaches us more and more. His desire to please and be with his family is amazing. As for my son, MAX is the best buddy he could have, four legged anyway. As time goes on, we are trying more and more avenues for his talents. Watch for him in the future as he works his way to more titles.









































Max Making A Jump

Max At His Best

Max - Pre-Trial Test Class




 CH Camelot’s Midnight Rendezvous





AM Grand CH/CKC UKC CH MACH Cardach BJ’s Lucille Ball, ROMB NA NAJ HT






 October 31, 2001






 Breed Ranking 90th Percentile





DI Score:

 (R) .37  (L) .37



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 WCC DM236/140M-NOPI (Normal)








 Line cleared through US Registry







Pedigree and all test results are available upon request.







Stud service available to approved bitches










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