AKC/UKC CH Versace Top Model of Saint Hilaire's Park, PT NA RN NAJ










Sage is a very interesting girl. If any of you have ever met her, she has more personality in her one little paw than some people I know. She is very exuberant, silly, and has that "life is just wonderful attitude". And I do mean, in everything that she does.

After Thor, we had a chance to purchase another puppy out of the same breeding. I saw her pictures and couldn't resist that charming face, and those devilish eyes. She has that wonderful heavy bone, level top line, and wonderful outgoing personality. All I can say is she is a character.

While I have been showing other members of the family, Sage has been working on her agility training and having a blast. We hope to be working on her versatility title in the future.

This past fall in rally obedience, it rained all three days. The poor girl did everything I ask of her. Even if it meant doing a down in the mud. There isn't anything so far this girl won't try for me and is always out to try new things.

We recently went to a herding trial at Birdsboro, PA to compete for Sage’s Pre-Trial test title on August 6 & 7th, 2010 and she passed. First time I went out and did not get run over by the sheep. I came home in one piece and Sage came home with a title.


Sage - New Champion


























 FR/IE CH Gowerston Challenger





 FR CH O’Label Bleu De Montglane





 December 30, 2007





 Breed Ranking 90th Percentile




DI Score:

 (L) .42  (R) .42





 Normal (Not Submitted)





 Line cleared through a combination









Sage Having Fun in the Snow

Sage - PT class at the Nationals

Sage - Agility Jump


Pedigree and all test results are available upon request.







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